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I just gotta get it out

I haven’t been on here in forever, I don’t even know if anyone follows me anymore or is even going to read this. But I just gotta let it out. I fucked up. I made my decision to move on and really, found exactly what I was looking for right away. I was so happy; everything we did together was awesome, I was always smiling, laughing, and enjoying the time we spent together. I made mistakes when I got cold feet because I was so scared that I found something that made me so happy so fast. I fucked up a couple of times and may have lost my opportunity and that just eats at me every single day. She knows how I feel, but she can’t trust me which I cannot blame her for. Actions speak louder than words and somewhere along the road, I lost site of that. Now I would just like the opportunity to start this all over from the beginning and do it right this time. Cause I know that what I feel is real and everything that I’ve said I felt was the truth. I guess I can only hope that I’ll get one more opportunity that I don’t deserve. But given the chance, I’ll never fuck it up again.


by ulysses.O